Plant-In City

Plant-In City

The Plant-In City collective was started by Huy Bui, Carlos J. Gómez de Llarena and Jon Schramm—all architects by formation with a range of experiences and ideas that inform the project, discovering new ways of interacting with nature.


Crafted from steel and locally sourced timber, each one-of-a-kind, limited edition MINI is matched with various components such as plants, minerals, and ceramics that complement their materiality and style.

As each piece is unique, if you see something you like below but it says it's sold out, never fear... we probably have more. Drop us a line and we'll let you know what we have!

Come see the complete collection in our Brooklyn based studio/workshop. Bare terrariums and customized options are available too. We’re around Mon–Fri 10am-6pm. Get in touch and we can arrange a time.